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Jewelry FAQ

  • Do you pawn and/or buy firearms?
    Yes! We do loans on and purchase most firearms. They must be in good working condition.
  • Do you deal in Class III firearms?
    No, we do not take, sell, or transfer any Class III firearms. Examples of Class III items are fully automatic, short barrel rifles, sawed off shotguns, and silencers.
  • Are there any brands of guns you do not take?
    Yes. There are a lot of brands that have a bad history or problems and we prefer not to buy and sell them. A few of the brands we do not take are Bryco, Jennings, Cobra, Raven, Jiminez, Lorcin, Sundance, and a few others.
  • Do you do transfers for online firearm purchases?
    Yes! We charge a transfer fee of $25 and will be happy to assist you in any of the steps of facilitaing the transfer. Yes! We will be happy to assist you in any of the steps of facilitaing the transfer. The price for this service is $25 on the first firearm plus $10 per additional firearm on the same transaction.
  • Do I have to do a background check?
    Yes! You will have to do a background check on the purchase , transfer, or pawn redemption of a firearm.
  • What documentation do I need for the background check?
    You will at minimum need a valid state issue ID or driver's license. This ID needs to have your current residential address on it.
  • I do not have my current address on my ID, what can I do?"
    You will either need to update your ID or get a government issue document with your name and current residential address listed on it. Examples of valid documents include state vehicle registration, state DNR license, and mail from a state or local courthouse.
  • How long does the background check take?
    Usually background checks can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few days, depending on your background.
  • I am from out of state, can I buy a firearms from you?"
    Yes and no. Handguns and firearms classified as "other firearms" can only be transfered in the state you are a resident of. Long guns such as rifles and shotguns can be purchased as long as they are legal to own in your state of residence and we must abide by any state laws in your corresponding state (such as a cooldown period)
  • I am from out of state but I really want one of your pistols. What can I do?
    This can be done by shipping the firearm to a firearm dealer local to where you live. You would pay us for the firearm and any shipping fees, we would contact your local dealer for their FFL license, and once you get home you would do a background check with them and pay them a transfer fee.
  • I was denied on a background check. Why?
    Anytime we do a background check we are given a final status. This status will tell us "proceed", "delay", or "deny". We are not given any further information and cannot assist you in determining as to why you recieved a delay or denied status.
Have more questions? Give us a shout!
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