Jewelry FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What kind of jewelry do you take?

We specialize in gold and silver metals in jewerly and scrap forms.

How much is my jewelry worth?

This can be a tricky one to answer. If the jewelry is broken then it will be valued at scrap value. Jewelry in good condition can possibly bring more than scrap value depending on the style. Some styles may not bring additional value due to lack of demand for a particular type.

Do you pay addition for stones?

Larger diamonds will typically add value to your jewelry. Colored stones may not add any extra value.

Do you buy larger diamonds?

Yes, although color, clarity, and size can have a massive effect on the vaue of your diamond. If you have any paperwork that shows this information then we can get a better idea of what your stone is worth. Otherwise you can bring it to our store and we can estimate a price on it.

How is scrap value determined?

Scrap value is determined by weight, karat, and market value. Higher karat and higher market value can elevate how much your scrap is worth. To get a price you just need to bring your scrap to us and let us get a weight on it so we can give you an offer.

Do you take silverware?

We only take silverware if it is Sterling silver. There are a lot of sets that are only silver plated and thus not worth near as much as a solid silver set.

Do you take coins?

The only coins we take are solid gold or silver. Anything plated we will not accept.

How do I know if my coin is real gold or silver?

Silver U.S. coins will typically be minted on or before 1964. There are also commemorative coins still made that will be solid silver as well. Gold coins are usually ones specifically purchased as investments and weren't usually circualted like silver coins.

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