Items we take

Frequently asked questions

Do you take everything?

No, there are many items and brands we prefer not to deal with for one reason or another.

Do you take tools?

Yes, we take a variety of tools. Our specialty is with cordless power tools 18V or higher, lawn equipment, complete socket and wrench sets, and other tools. Some specific stuff we don't deal with include nail guns, air tools, and specialty tools. Some brands we don't take include Black and Decker, any Harbor Freight brands, or WeedEater brand.

Do you take electronics?

Yes, the most common types of electronics we take include computers, TV's, bluetooth speakers, game consoles, graphing calculators, smart home devices, and much more! Within these categories we have limitations on what we take. Please refer to the next few quesitons for more details.

Do you take TV's?

Yes, we take most brands of TV's as long as your TV is under 4 years old, has the base and/or legs, is in good condiiton(no scuffs or scratches on the screen), and you have the original remote. Prices can vary depending on the size, age, brand, and model. Bring your in today and let us give you a quote.

Do you take computers?

Yes! We take desktop and laptop computers. Our general guidelines are that the computer must be under 2 years old and it must be in good condition with the original charger or cables.

What about Chromebooks?

Yes, we do take Chromebooks. However, due to lower demand on this type of computer we cannot offer nearly as much as we can on a windows computer.

Do you take phones?

No. If you have a phone you would like to sell, please refer to Mr. Fixit in town, or online.

Do you take Apple products?

Yes! We take almost any type of Apple product, aside from iPhones.

Bluetooth speakers?

Yes, we take certain brands of Bluetooth speakers. Brands include, but are not limited to, Bose, JBL, Amazon, Sony, ect... Speaker must be in good working shape and have the charger.

I have something else you don't list. Will you take it?

Possibly! Simply stop by or give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you!

Have more questions? Give us a shout!